How to Ship Your Sale Items Directly from eBay - dummies

How to Ship Your Sale Items Directly from eBay

By Marsha Collier

Need a way to print shipping labels for your eBay items? You can actually ship your sale items directly from eBay. Printing labels from eBay or PayPal should be required for all beginning sellers. By using their service, a seller can streamline the buyer’s shopping experience, making it simple to buy, click, and pay.

Those out in the eBay world who haven’t used it find the service to be a life-changing experience. Because you don’t need to use additional software or sign up with an additional service, shipping with eBay is a convenient system for those who don’t have to ship many packages each week.

eBay shipping services work great when you’re just starting out in your business — but after you get rolling, you need a mailing service that includes recordkeeping, such as Endicia or The issue connected with using eBay for shipping is important: When you process your shipping (UPS or USPS), the shipping amount is deducted from your PayPal (sales revenue) balance.

This can cause a bookkeeping nightmare when you’re selling on eBay in earnest. A best practice for any business is to keep all expenses separate in the bookkeeping process.