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What to Look for in Grant Writing Management Software

By Beverly A. Browning

Grant writing can sometimes be overwhelming. A grant-writing management software program allows you to keep track of the entire grant application process, including preplanning steps, partner information, funder information, due dates for fiscal and evaluation reports, and grant closeout. Commercial software programs are available to capture any and all segments of the grant-seeking process.

Search for “grant writing management software” with your favorite search engine to get links for everything on the current market. The best characteristics to look for in any grant-writing management software are the ability to

  • Write grant proposals and track proposal submissions in the same software. Using one software or cloud-based grants management system (subscription-based) will help you keep track of the information you’re collecting on potential funders, as well as set up alerts to grant application due dates and other critical to-do’s.
  • Set alerts for reports due or funding source decision-making dates so you can call or email the funder to see whether it has a decision on your request yet.
  • Manage grant-related reports, including tracking financial expenditures.