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What to Expect from a Web Designer for Your Business Web Site

By Gary Dahl

Not all Web designers are created equal. If you hire a Web designer to create your business’s Web site, you want his or her expertise, but you also want your own ideas steering the boat. A good Web designer will implement your ideas into the site instead of imposing his or her creative ideas onto your business.

Here’s what you should expect from a good Web designer:

  • Several sterling references: Be sure to call the references and ask how well the designer worked with the customer.

  • A trail of good Web sites: Examine the work of the designer by visiting several Web sites developed by that person.

  • A clear list of what is and isn’t provided in the Web design project: Find out things such as whether the designer puts your site on the Internet for you or notifies search engines that your site is available.

  • The ability to optimize your site for search engines: Find a Web designer who understands how to perfect your site so that customers can find you.

  • A delivery schedule: The designer needs deadlines in order to know when you need the site up and running.

  • Milestones: Will the designer give you a chance to approve or disapprove of the site at each step along the way?

  • A clear estimate of the costs: All the costs.

  • A professional product: For example, the various pages on your site should all have a unified look and feel. Graphics should be tasteful and not too large.