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What Does a Location-based Check-in Look Like?

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

Each location-based service is a bit different in what it provides and the features it offers. After all, they are trying to win the customer, just like you are.

But in general, here’s what you find in a check-in:

  • The person who currently has the most check-ins: See who the person is that checks in to the location you’re checking in to most frequently. That person probably knows a few tips and tricks about the business. (foursquare calls this person the mayor.)

  • Friends: If any of your friends are checked in to the venue, their pictures will appear so you can look for (or avoid) friends who are checked in at the same location.

  • Location: The address appears under the venue name. At the bottom of the screen (not visible), click a link for additional information to see phone numbers, Twitter handles, and directions.

  • Tips: If other users (or you) have added tips or comments about the venue, you can click a link to access all of them.

  • Photos: Similar to tips, you can also see whether any photos have been uploaded to the venue you checked in to.

    A foursquare check-in.
    A foursquare check-in.