What Customers Do to Check-in with an LBS - dummies

What Customers Do to Check-in with an LBS

By Aaron Strout, Mike Schneider, B. J. Emerson

To be successful with location-based marketing, you have to understand what you’re asking customers to do when they check in. There are two types of check-ins – active and passive. The active type requires your customer to take a number of actions.

Here are the general steps participants go through to check in to your location:

  1. Take out a phone when they enter your location.

  2. Open an application from a location-based service.

  3. Search through a list of places that are nearby the current location as defined by the phone’s GPS.

  4. Select a place (or search if the place they’re at is not on the list).

  5. Touch a Check-in button.

  6. (Optional) Share the fact that they just checked in with other social networks.

  7. (Optional) See what happens after they check in — maybe a friend is in the same location.

  8. (Optional) Add tips, recommendations, photos, or additional content to the check-in.

Not a lot of people are going to want to do this much work or look as if they’re doing something strange. You have to be able to overcome that obstacle by making your location-based campaigns easy to use. People are willing to do almost anything if they see the value in it and it’s easy to do.

Make your check-ins as passive as possible. Technology exists that allows someone to check in to a service by merely walking into your store or scanning a barcode with a phone.