Understanding Business Gamification Frameworks - dummies

Understanding Business Gamification Frameworks

By Kris Duggan, Kate Shoup

Part of Business Gamification For Dummies Cheat Sheet

A gamification framework is a holistic program designed to achieve a specific business objective. The framework you use depends on the outcome you want to achieve. Note that you can mix frameworks. As you might expect, you have many options in terms of gamification frameworks. We’ve identified six broad approaches, each designed to address a specific business need:

  • Social loyalty: This framework is for customer-facing experiences that occur in nonsocial environments, such as a traditional e-commerce experience. This framework focuses on rewards.

  • Community expert: This framework is for customer-facing experiences that rely on quality user-generated content and contributions. This framework focuses on reputation.

  • Competitive pyramid: This framework is for customer-facing communities that seek to motivate competitive behavior. This framework focuses on status and score.

  • Gentle guide: This framework guides employees through a process. This framework focuses on ensuring completion and compliance.

  • Company collaborator: This framework is designed to increase contributions by employees, developers, and partners in internal communities.

  • Company challenge: This framework is designed to challenge your staff to compete on teams to encourage high-value behaviors.