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Why You Should Use Vine in Your Business

By Krista Neher

Vine, a service launched by Twitter, lets you create short, looping videos — limited to six seconds — and easily share them on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Vines (the term for Vine videos) can also be embedded into blog posts or on websites. Because Vine is a mobile application, you can access it only from your mobile phone or tablet.

Though it seems that six seconds is hardly enough time to communicate any message of substance, watching vines shows you just how much content six seconds of video can communicate. When Twitter launched, for example, communicating any meaningful message in 140 characters seemed impossible, yet now that method is common.

If you think you want to use Vine for your business, first consider a number of benefits. You can use Vine to

  • Demonstrate how to do something. Lowes created the Vine series “Fix in Six,” where you can see how to fix an item in only six seconds. These quick and powerful tips have generated a lot of attention for the brand.

  • Creatively promote your products. Samsung started using Vine early on, creating a Vine video that shows an animated basketball player “leaping through the screens” on different Samsung devices to shoot the ball at a basket.

  • Create traditional marketing assets. Dunkin Donuts created a television ad composed completely of company-created Vine videos, showing just how powerful the Vine platform can be.

  • Build your brand. Many businesses, such as Malibu Rum, are using Vine to build their brands and connect with customers. By sharing vines that show different Malibu drink creations, the company keeps its product in the view of customers.

  • Share content on other social networks. Vines can also be shared on other social networks or embedded into your website. For example, the Lowes “Fix in Six” series can be found on its Tumblr page and other social networks. Vines help you share compelling content across social networks.

  • Experiment with ways to share visual content: It’s an easy way to create content to share on Vine and around the web.