Why You Should Track Your QR Codes - dummies

By Joe Waters

You should track QR Codes for the same reason you track visits to your website: to know where you’re inbound links are coming from. With QR Codes, you can track the number of daily scans, each scan’s location, and what types of mobile devices scanned the code. This data can help you better develop and execute QR Code campaigns.

  • You can’t improve what you can’t measure. If you don’t have a basic metric, such as how many people scanned your code, how can you know if your code is doing the job you intended?

  • You can track location. When your QR Code is scanned around the country or around the world, you can tell where it was scanned and on what mobile device. This kind of data can help you tailor your marketing campaigns to account for regional adoption, language, and technology.

  • You know what’s hot or not. This allows you to adapt campaigns as needed and to discover what truly works with your target audience.

  • You can experiment. For example, you can embed a URL in one QR Code and a phone number in another to gauge what data point your audience prefers most.

  • You can figure out what kind of mobile device is primarily scanning your QR Code and optimize the content for that device. For example, if the device is an older Apple 3G smartphone, you can create a very basic mobile page without images that loads quickly.

  • It’s free! Many good analytic tools for QR Codes are powerful and free. Paid versions are also available and generally come with a reader and generator.