What NOT to Advertise on Facebook - dummies

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Facebook has guidelines about what you can and can’t advertise. It reviews each ad for appropriate language, content, and formatting. If your ad doesn’t comply with the guidelines, Facebook will reject it. Some of the items that you can’t advertise include

  • Work-at-home sites that promise easy money for little or no investment

  • Multilevel-marketing opportunities, such as Mary Kay and Avon

  • Sites that have domain forwarding, in which the listed URL forwards to another website

    Even if your site is innocently forwarding the domain, many places that do have domain forwarding can be doing so for shady reasons, and Facebook has drawn that line in the sand.

  • Landing pages that have a pop-up window

    Having a pop-up window may be an innocent way to get subscribers to your e-mail list, but many people don’t like pop-up windows, and sometimes, they can’t even close them. Facebook decided to control this item for its users.

  • The obvious stuff

    • Tobacco

    • Gambling

    • Pornography

Some advertisements heavily restrict the language you can use in the ad and the demographic you’re targeting. See the Facebook Advertising Guidelines if you’re advertising any of the following:

  • Dating sites

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Health products

  • Diet supplements or weight-loss products

  • Subscription services (such as ringtones)