Visualize Video Success with Analytics - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

After you post a video to a third‐party site (such as YouTube or Vimeo), you can look there for some stats about views, click‐throughs, and more. After logging into YouTube, go to YouTube Analytics into the address bar to get to the screen shown. The Overview display shows how many subscribers you have and the total number of views for your channel.

Viewing statistics for YouTube videos.  [Credit: Reproduced with permission of Array Technologies,
Credit: Reproduced with permission of Array Technologies, Inc.
Viewing statistics for YouTube videos.

The left navigation column of this dashboard offers a Views Reports option, which deals with traffic metrics in greater deal, and an Engagement Reports option, which deals with comments, subscribers, and shares.

As an alternate path to Analytics, start by clicking My Channel in the left navigation after you log in. If the left navigation is not visible on your screen, click the three‐bar icon next to the YouTube logo in the top‐left corner to extend the navigation. Then click Video Manager below the top search box (above the center graphic), followed by a click on Analytics in the left ­navigation.

On Vimeo, you need to subscribe to the PRO option (the paid version for commercial customers) to see statistics. Log in and hover over the My Videos icon in the top navigation bar. When you click My Stats in the drop‐down list that appears, a graph appears, displaying comment quantity, Likes, total downloads, and total plays by date, as well as statistics for embedded videos.

Statistics on Vine are minimal, but free. You can see only the number of times a loop has been viewed. The number appears in the top‐right corner above your video.

To assess the performance of your video content, the important metrics to watch include:

  • Number of subscribers: At YouTube, you find this information on your channel in the top‐left corner of the screen. If you’re creating relevant videos, you should notice a steady increase in subscribers with each new video you upload.

  • Growth in the number of subscribers: You should experience steady growth as you regularly add new videos to your channel. If you notice a significant spurt after you post a video, analyze its content to determine why the video caused the growth spurt. Chances are good that you did something different or found a topic of particular interest to your subscribers. If, on the other hand, you notice a decline in new subscribers or a decrease in subscribers after posting a video, figure out what you did wrong and refrain from posting similar videos.

  • Number of people viewing individual videos: You can find this information by visiting your home page. On Vimeo, you can see the number of plays for each video by clicking My Videos in the top navigation. To view metrics on a specific video, on your YouTube channel, scroll down to the list of videos on your Analytics page and click on the video you want. You can toggle between Top 10 Videos and Browse All Content.