Using Multiple Twitter Accounts to Create Your Business Profile

By Kyle Lacy

If you’re using Twitter for business, do you create a personal account and a business account, or do you use just one account? A lot depends on your specific case, and you should base your decision on your strategy and goals.

Here are some tips to remember when you try to decide on how many Twitter accounts you need:

  • Create a single account: Stick with one account if you’re a sole proprietor, artist, author, speaker, or any professional who is the business.

  • Create two accounts: If you’re a salesperson, an employee, or part of a company that has more than three employees, go with a personal account and a business account.

  • Create special accounts: If your company is organizing a conference, you can make a Twitter account to drive traffic to that particular event or to highlight activities during the event.

    If you want to promote a book, whether you are the publisher or the author, it is also a good idea to have a dedicated account for it.

    It is a good idea to create a separate account to promote a book or a product.
    It is a good idea to create a separate account to promote a book or a product.
  • You can also create accounts that pertain to a particular product. For example, Intuit (the maker of QuickBooks) has accounts for itself as a company, for its products, and for its customer service representatives.

You can explore the use of multiple accounts with an example company, XYZ Company. XYZ has six employees: an account representative, a graphic designer, a Web developer, a sales manager, a business development representative, and an operations manager. The account representative, sales manager, and business development representative are most likely to interact with clients on a daily basis. If your personal relationship with clients helps you develop business, create a specific account for your own personal use.

Given their more limited role facing the customers, the graphic designer, Web developer, and operations manager can either start a Twitter account or run the company account.