Use Public Facebook Posts to Thank People - dummies

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

Key players are your cheerleaders and enthusiasts. On Facebook, these key players can influence hundreds of people with their comments. Most people take their friends’ recommendations more seriously than those of strangers’ they found searching online. After you establish who your key players are, thank them and encourage them to interact even more.

Through your Insights dashboard, you might find that women age 25–34 are your highest viewing demographic. Thank the members of that age group, too, by providing something valuable to them generally. For example, you might create a post that provides a link to something they value, such as discount codes for diapers, as a way to thank them for being part of your Page.

If you find through your Insights dashboard that a huge number of people from California visit your Page, say hi to them and thank them. You could say, “Hi to all the people in California who have liked this Page! Post a picture of you outside on your favorite hiking trail with our Brand Z hiking shoes!”

You can find a textbook case of using questions on the NFL Page. Just scroll through the posts to see the mix of videos, polls, questions, discounts, and giveaways. Most importantly, note the number of people who liked the post; also note the number of comments generated by that post. Check out their use of call to action via tagging.