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Tips for Capturing YouTube Videos of Extreme Sports

By Rob Ciampa, Theresa Moore, John Carucci, Stan Muller, Adam Wescott

With the exception of professional sports leagues with a YouTube channel or a news organization granted rebroadcast consent by a professional league, most sports videos found on YouTube consist of extreme events and amateur sports. Because the latter often borders on boring for all but those connected to it (family members, participants, sadists), the former provides the best opportunity for the ambitious videographer.

These days, capturing extreme sporting events and activities has gotten easier, thanks to the GoPro. This durable little camera helps provide a fresh perspective by putting the viewer directly in the middle of the action, making GoPro videos some of the most compelling videos on YouTube. Besides, the GoPro is waterproof, captures amazing quality, and can mount to just about anything.

Here are some (extreme) ideas:

  • Skateboarding: Since it’s a popular sport among young people, chances are good that there’s a good audience for your skateboarding video, as long as it’s compelling to watch. You can shoot with anything from a dedicated camcorder to your iPhone, or mount a GoPro to the board itself.

    You can easily attach a GoPro to a skateboard to get a board’s‐eye view of the scene.
    You can easily attach a GoPro to a skateboard to get a board’s‐eye view of the scene.
  • Skydiving: Here’s another situation that was changed by the GoPro camera. Just mount the camera to your helmet and capture a perspective that has rarely been seen until now.

  • Skiing: Wow, it seems like a lot of extreme sports begin with the letters sk, and although skiing is more common, it can be every bit as extreme, especially when a parachute’s involved and you’re skiing off a cliff. You can provide your audience with the skier’s perspective by mounting your GoPro in a variety of places, including your helmet, on a chest ­harness, or directly on your ski pole.

  • Water sports: Attaching a waterproof video camera to your surfboard or raft or on your person while waterskiing can result in some compelling video content of places that a camera dared to tread — assuming, of course, that you don’t wipe out after the first three seconds.

  • BMX: The possibilities are endless because you can mount cameras anywhere from the bike itself to your helmet to strategically placing cameras on the course and from the crowd.