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The YouTube My Subscriptions Link

By Rob Ciampa, Theresa Moore, John Carucci, Stan Muller, Adam Wescott

The My Subscriptions link on the left of the My Channel page takes you to a new page displaying a list of channels you’re subscribed to. If your channel is new, this is listing is probably empty. As you subscribe to channels that you like (which you will, even as a creator), this page becomes a bit more populated — and a bit more complex.

After you’ve subscribed to some channels, you can look at the information in a couple of different views. You’ll use the various links at the top of the My Subscriptions area to switch between views.

The My Subscriptions page.
The My Subscriptions page.

Here are some brief descriptions of what each link does for you:

  • Uploads Only: This link organizes the channels you are subscribed toin a list of videos. You’ll see a list of uploaded videos, showing the most recent first. All your subscriptions are in one long list, so if you have a lot of subscriptions, this can be an overwhelming way to look at things.

  • All Activity: This view of your subscription feed can be even more ­overwhelming. As its name implies, it shows all of the activity on the channels you follow — their uploads, their comments, their announcements, and changes to their playlists all show up here if you’ve chosen to see all that activity. (Note that you can control what you see from each channel you subscribe to using the Manage Subscriptions page — see the next bullet item.)

  • Manage Subscriptions: This link leads to a page where you can do some detailed management of the channels you subscribe to and control what sort of content you see from that channel. This is also its own section in the main menu on the left.