The Ticker on Your Facebook News Feed Page - dummies

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

The Ticker is a column of real-time notifications on the right side of your Facebook News Feed page. You see it when you’re logged in to your personal Profile. The Ticker has been rumored to be going away but no formal announcement has been made.

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A nice thing about the Ticker when you’re using the personal Profile Subscription option is that your Public posts appear in your subscribers’ News Feeds. When someone comments on a post, the link and the comment appear in the Ticker; therefore, more people have the opportunity to see it. Notice also that you can see the Ticker when you are logged in as your personal profile even if you are on a Page.

When you hover on any item in the Ticker, a pop-up window displays the post and comments, and you can interact with it right there. You can also reply as your Page.

Other business advantages of the Ticker include

  • Comments made on older posts (either as a Public post to your subscribers or as your business Page) are posted to the Ticker, so you can keep getting exposure even after a post is days, weeks, or months old. Encourage new comments and reply to new comments. Each engagement returns it to the Ticker.

  • When people like your business Page, that action appears in the Ticker. Anyone seeing that notification can hover on it and like your Page, too, right from the pop-up window.

  • Every time you add a picture to your personal or business Page, a notification appears in the Ticker. When someone hovers on it, she can comment right there. Takeaway? Post a lot of pictures!

After setting up a Profile, having started finding old and new friends on Facebook, and trying out the Follow system with your Public posts, you can explore a business Page.