The Like Button versus the Like Link on Your Facebook Page - dummies

The Like Button versus the Like Link on Your Facebook Page

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

You can see the Like interface on Facebook itself in two ways. One way is as a link, which appears at the bottom of posts on Facebook. See the following for an example of a simple link on a Facebook post.


The other way is as a button; buttons appear at the top of a Facebook Page.


If you’ve spent any time on Facebook — or on the Internet, for that matter — you’ll have run across a Like link and Like button in many places.

Here are a few places where you’ll find them:

  • As a link at the bottom of each post in your Facebook News Feed

  • As a link on the bottom of each comment from any post in your News Feed

  • As a link on Facebook Ads

  • As a button at the top of any Page you haven’t liked yet

  • As a button on blog posts outside Facebook

  • As a button on a Facebook box on websites outside Facebook

The Like link is generated automatically for you in Facebook posts and comments. The Like button is also automatically generated on your Facebook business Page; you also can add a Like button to any website to which you can add HTML code. The Facebook Like button installed on your website allows people to share content from that site with their Friends back on Facebook.