The Facebook Featured Apps Space for Your Store - dummies

The Facebook Featured Apps Space for Your Store

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

Facebook gives you three of the four featured app spaces on a Page, and you can use all of them for your e-commerce. If you have several types of products, you can use each app for each different product type. Your consultation services can be one of the apps, your e-books are another, and the third contains all your affiliate products.

Using apps for your e-commerce has both pros and cons.


  • You can replicate, or pull in through an RSS feed, an entire page from your e-commerce website.

  • You can create a call to action on the app image, such as Buy Tea HERE! or Free tea with every order! (You can change the image and the hyperlink for each app.)

  • You can create an entire sales page using your own HTML code and direct people to your e-commerce site. (You can use the Static HTML app by Involver for this.)


  • As of this writing, if you copy the URL from the app page and post it in the News Feed, you can’t see it from the mobile app. Still, many third-party apps are beginning to offer smart URLs that redirect on mobile.

  • Generally, people don’t visit a Page, preferring instead to scan their News Feeds. (You do this yourself, don’t you?)

Posting product images

Regardless of whether you use custom apps for your e-commerce, post the images of your products. That way, you bypass the mobile problem. All images are viewable in the current official mobile Facebook app. In the descriptions of the images, remember to include the http:// link to the website where visitors can purchase the products.

Facebook gives you lots of character space in an image description but shows only the first 400 characters before the See More link.

Keep these tips in mind when posting pictures:

  • If you create an album with your products, you can also send the link to the album to your e-mail lists and other off-Facebook promotions.

  • Make sure that any text on the image takes up less than 20 percent of the total area. This way, you can use the image for a Facebook ad if you need to.

  • Upload images of your ads and design them to fit the size limitations of the app.

Posting off-Facebook URLs

Because these featured app spaces don’t show up in a mobile app, you can always post the URL of your e-commerce site in a regular post. The people viewing this post from a mobile app will be directed to your e-commerce site through a browser. As long as your e-commerce site looks great on a mobile device, you’re good to go.

If your e-commerce is hosted on your own website, make sure it has a responsive design so that your site visitors can see an interface set up for mobile viewing. Interfaces configured in this way are quite smart, and can tell when a visitor is viewing from the site on a computer or a mobile phone and then show the appropriate view.

Posting an offer

Facebook offers show up in News Feeds and are completely accessible through mobile phones.

Using offers is a good marketing tactic because people generally prefer to scan through their News Feeds instead of clicking ads or going to your Page.