The Benefits of a LinkedIn Company Page - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

A Company Page on LinkedIn is different from a Brand page on Facebook or Google+, especially in the content being shared. Everything on LinkedIn is geared towards businesses and professionals, which presents a whole different atmosphere than other social media sites. You also have a unique opportunity to create specific pages that showcase your different products, services, events, and brands.

Why does your business need a LinkedIn Company Page? Here are a few ­reasons:

  • Share job openings. You can set up your LinkedIn Company Page so that it lists open positions with your business. In addition to viewing the listings, candidates can also learn more about your business from the information you put forth on your Company Page.

  • Use Showcase Pages. You can create special pages for products, services, and events. These Showcase Pages enable you to share in‐depth information and engage with a target audience.

  • Share content. Share blog posts, articles, and more with the LinkedIn community.

  • Share news. You can share news — for example, product launches — with your LinkedIn community through your Company Page.

  • Increase your searchability. Increase your business’s visibility on both LinkedIn and the search engines.

  • Engage with your community. Use your Company Page to chat with your followers.

  • Increase opportunities for your team to network. People who list your business as their place of employment on their LinkedIn profiles will also show up on your Company Page as working for your brand, which gives them more opportunities to network.