Ten Don’ts for Marketing on Twitter - dummies

Ten Don’ts for Marketing on Twitter

By Kyle Lacy

Want to make the most of your Twitter marketing presence? Here are the top ten pitfalls, mistakes, and practices to avoid when you’re using Twitter to market yourself and your product(s). Take note!

  • Don’t auto-DM: No user in his or her right mind likes to receive an automatic and unhuman message selling your product or service.

  • Don’t say it on Twitter when it’s better said in person: Avoid having simple or private conversations through the main Twitter feed. For example, if you want to ask a friend if he would like to attend a party, that question is best asked through DM (direct messaging). A conversation between two people should be made through the Twitter feed only if it adds value to the rest of the group. (

  • Don’t gather too many followers too fast: Start slowly and create a core group of people you’re following who return the favor by following you.

    You can broadcast a message to as many people as possible, but shouting your message out to a group of people isn’t the point of Twitter. You’re trying to create relationships with individuals who have a trusting group of followers and can help spread a message.

  • Don’t forget your marketing strategy: Following your strategy can lead to the success of your Twitter marketing campaign. Your strategy is the lifeblood of your Twitter marketing.

  • Don’t follow for the sake of following: Establish a clear strategy when it comes to following individuals who follow you. Many people add everyone who follows them. You can use this approach if you want to keep up on everyone who’s following you on Twitter.

  • Or, you may want to add the people who converse with you on a daily basis to the list of people you follow. If they respond to tweets or retweet some of your content, make sure that you’re following them before their next tweets. This is important because they may want to thank you through direct message or start an important conversation. If you aren’t following the users back, they can’t direct message you.

  • Don’t use the web platform: Even though Twitter redesigned its website to make things easier to use, don’t use it. You need more robust features to succeed with your marketing strategy on Twitter.

    Use a Twitter app, such as TweetDeck, the Seesmic desktop application, or HootSuite, because they all have features that are better suited to using Twitter productively.

  • Don’t create too many accounts: Don’t create a Twitter account for absolutely every function, event, or marketing campaign you’re doing for your business. Create one personal account and one business account. You may need to create an account for a product, but don’t try to create an account for every single marketing strategy and campaign.

  • Don’t give a hard sell: If you tweet or direct message only about your products, you’re doomed to fail. Nobody wants to hear a hard sell about your products. People want to know how you can benefit them, not how they can buy, buy, buy from you.

  • Don’t ignore others: When someone responds to you on Twitter, make sure that you return the favor. When people communicate with you by replying, retweeting, or sending out a message, thank them or reply to them in kind. If you communicate, instead of ignoring people, they’re much more likely to reply, retweet, and send out your content.

  • Don’t have an uneven following/follower ratio: Keep track of how many people you’re following and how many people are following you back on Twitter. If you’re following a large number of people compared to the number of people following you back, it suggests that you’re just trying to gain a huge amount of followers, rather than actually communicating.