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Social Media Marketing: LinkedIn Profile versus a Résumé

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

LinkedIn is a great place to market yourself. Many job seekers are moving from a traditional, paper résumé to using their LinkedIn profile as an electronic résumé. In fact, some employers are adding an option to use a LinkedIn profile when applying for an opportunity online.

Should you forgo the traditional résumé in favor of a LinkedIn profile? What follows are a few things to consider.

Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an important tool for anyone seeking employment or new business opportunities. Because LinkedIn is online, it’s simple to add new experiences or a more current photo. Moreover, you can use LinkedIn as a platform in which to publish content, showcasing your expertise. Your LinkedIn profile also has the ability to reach many more eyes because it appears in an online search.

Because LinkedIn is also a social network, it provides many important networking opportunities. You can join any number of professional discussion groups and organizations. Impress someone and they may find themselves looking at your profile to learn more about you.

Should you forgo a traditional résumé in favor of LinkedIn?

Despite LinkedIn’s benefits and ease of use, it’s probably a good idea to keep your résumé current. Many employers still want to receive a traditional résumé because it’s more scannable for keywords.

With that said, an online résumé site such as LinkedIn seems to be the way of the future. More employers are featuring an option in online job applications to link to a LinkedIn profile, and recruiters are spending more time on LinkedIn than they do on other professional networks.

The bottom line? If you’re looking for new employment opportunities, you’ll want to keep both a LinkedIn profile and a traditional résumé on hand. One hasn’t replaced the other just yet, and you want to use what is favored by the employer you’re applying with.