Social Media Management Systems that Work with Google+ - dummies

Social Media Management Systems that Work with Google+

By Jesse Stay

A social media management system is a series of tools that helps social media (like Google+) community managers handle their presence online. The systems often focus on posting and moderating comments and replies around the posts that are shared from a company’s or brand’s major accounts.

They make management as easy as possible; often they work in conjunction with social media analytics to identify how to improve as you develop your content strategy.

Commercial systems

Only a few social media management systems (SMMS tools) work with Google+. Consider these brands, which only work with enterprise licensing:

Try this approach:

  1. Contact each SMMS platform.

  2. Get a demo.

  3. Compare the advantages.

Price and integration with other systems are the most interesting comparisons.

For instance, Adobe’s Context Optional (Adobe Social) integrates with Adobe’s existing social analytics product and aims to also integrate with their Site Catalyst site analytics product down the road. This approach to the product may be attractive if you already use Adobe. Same goes for Salesforce or Oracle.

There will be features, as well as pricing models, associated with Hearsay Social, Involver, or HootSuite that you can’t get with the other products. Research well and you’ll find something that’s perfect for your organization.

Free alternatives

If commercial systems are too expensive, you can use Google+ to manage your social media presence. The site can be good to start with, anyway, because it helps you adapt to Google+.

At the same time, consider a browser plug-in or two for help. For instance, the Chrome extension Do Share lets you schedule posts in Google+. As long as your browser is open when the post is scheduled, Chrome will automatically share posts at your designated time. Other plugins and extensions let you share to Facebook and Twitter. Search Google for Google+ Chrome extensions.