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Six Ways to Engage Your Fans on Your Google+ Marketing Page

By Jesse Stay

Several successful marketers have used Google+ to engage their fans and simultaneously promoted their name, product or content. Some of the suggestions below are examples of how some have used Google+ for this purpose. Every business is different, so use whichever unique approach you feel is best.

Hang out with your fans (+Kaskade)

Kaskade, the popular DJ, used an approach others haven’t utilized enough: He asked his fans to create their own Hangouts in a given time frame and post the links to those Hangouts in the comments of his post; then, Kaskade visited each and every fan’s Hangout and bestowed a bit of personal attention.

You should consider trying something similar, especially if you have celebrities involved with your brand in some way. Some intimate, one-on-one access to the celebrities or executives involved with your brand can get your customers and fans jazzed up.

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Get to know your customers (+Michael Dell and +Dell)

Getting to know your customers is an approach that Dell does well. Not only does Dell Computer have a superbly run Google+ Page, but they also have a social-network-savvy CEO who likes to use Google+ himself on occasion. Many companies could learn from the way Michael Dell has used Google+:

  • He uses Google+ Hangouts to learn from his customers face to face. In the early days of Google+, Michael Dell used to start Hangouts with the first ten people who could join, and he’d chat with them about what the customers would like to see from Dell on Google+.

  • He actively posts on Google+, soliciting advice from customers. Michael Dell’s profile features active, regular posts from him that show he’s interested in the service — and makes an active effort for his customers and fans on Google+. As a result, they comment and discuss topics related to Dell and the various topics that Michael shares.

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Perform for fans (Black Eyed Peas and

A concert was put on by the popular band Black Eyed Peas through the artist’s Google+ account. They allowed the first ten lucky fans who could get in to participate in a concert they were performing in New York City and broadcast the Hangout.

Here are the reasons they were successful:

  • They catered their message to their Google+ audience. The Black Eyed Peas figured out a way to personalize the experience and connect with fans so that fans would come back.

  • They used Hangouts to point back to their Google+ brand. Those watching the Hangout discovered’s Google+ account — another avenue of involvement — and his audience grew as a result. In addition, those in the band’s real-life audience saw that was on Google+ as they watched in person.

  • They utilized Hangouts On Air to amass a significant audience. Hundreds of thousands of people were watching it. Each one of those people probably saw it because of their friends and followed as a result.


Learn together (+Scott Jarvie)

With the passionate audience of photographers on Google+, it’s appropriate to include this example of a small photography business run by Scott Jarvie, a wedding and profile photographer with a great Google+ presence. He was perhaps one of the first on Google+ to start sharing his photography skills with his audience.

Scott likes to meet his audience face to face, and he has built up an incredible community of photographers, amateur photographers, and those who just like good photography on Google+ Hangouts. Many were able to HIRL (Hangout In Real Life) with Scott when he brought out a bunch of photographers to Utah. Many of those folks came out because they met him in Google+ Hangouts.

In his Hangouts, Scott often shows off one of his favorite things and strengths: Lightroom editing. Lightroom is a photo-editing program that pros use to create their final images; Scott takes those who show up in the Hangout through what he does to process photos of weddings and other events he photographs.

If you’re running a small business, Scott is a great example of how to use Google+ to “open the covers” on your business and share a little of what you do, what you’re good at, and how you do it. Share as much as you can, and people will naturally come to you to learn.

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Engage the community (+Chris Pirillo)

There’s no one better at building community than Chris Pirillo. Chris has a popular YouTube Channel where he talks tech and all things geek. Through his videos and live broadcasts, Chris has managed to build an incredible community of geeks who are passionate about geeky things.

Chris has extended his community over to Google+ in an incredible way. He truly engages his audience in every single post he makes and tries to make each person feel welcome. When you comment on a Chris Pirillo post, you can expect him to participate in conversation.

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Get to know fans (+Jeri Ryan)

Star Trek fans may know her as Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager. She is currently starring in the TV show Body of Proof. She truly interacts with her fans on Google+.

In fact, Ms. Ryan was one of the first celebrities on Google+. What immediately got attention about her online presence was its two-way social connection: Not only was she willing to chat, as well as even share and highlight posts by people she followed on Google+, but she also posted on Google+ and followed posts of her fans.

She makes every one of her fans feel that special, and Google+ gives her an efficient, natural way to do so. As a result, she’s built a great audience of fans. Now, her fans are aware of what she’s up to and are interested in supporting her work.

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