Rules for Successful Facebook Pages - dummies

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

One of the most important questions to ask as you create your Facebook marketing plan is, “What do you want to achieve with your Facebook Page and overall marketing on Facebook?”

To help you sort through the many layers of Facebook marketing, consider nine core rules as you create your Facebook Page:

  • Be deliberate, and manage expectations.

  • Focus on smart branding.

  • Create fresh content.

  • Give your Page a human touch.

  • Cultivate engagement with two-way dialog.

  • Encourage fan-to-fan conversations.

  • Make word-of-mouth advocacy easy.

  • Create consistent calls to action.

  • Monitor, measure, and track.

There’s a lot of noise on the web about the do’s and don’ts of social media marketing, and it tends to be overwhelming. These nine core rules are meant to simplify your process.

If you add a bunch of extra components to the rules, you’re less likely to see the results you want — or, worse, you’re likely to get overwhelmed and not take action. In short, ignore the chatter, and stick to the plan.

Creating a Facebook Page is fairly simple, but growing its momentum and getting it to thrive takes time, dedication, and some planning. Don’t expect to create a Page and then see a massive following instantaneously. Create valuable content, encourage fans to share your Page with their friends, and tell people about it. With time and patience, you’ll see your Page grow.