Resources and Manpower for Your Facebook Marketing Plan - dummies

Resources and Manpower for Your Facebook Marketing Plan

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

After you nail down what goes into your Facebook marketing plan, you’ll want to explore what resources and manpower you have at your disposal. If you’re an entrepreneur or the owner of a small business, you probably don’t have a large team. The good news is that you don’t need a large team behind you to attract a captive audience on Facebook.

By keeping your Facebook marketing plan simple — you can grow your Page to the level you need with only a few hands on deck.

First, do an internal assessment to identify your resources and manpower. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the essential players are

  • At least two Page administrators. Assign one admin the Page manager role, and the other person can be a content creator or moderator.

  • A designer and a programmer to help with your branding. If you have the funds, you put some money toward a few sessions with a social media strategy consultant who will review your existing plan.

For larger businesses, if you have a marketing team, integrate your Facebook marketing plan into your existing marketing initiatives. Your Facebook marketing plan shouldn’t be a stand-alone Facebook marketing tool; instead, it should be closely integrated into your overall marketing plan.