Questions to Ask Before Joining a Network Marketing Company - dummies

Questions to Ask Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

By Zig Ziglar, John P. Hayes

Part of Network Marketing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Asking the right questions can help you decide whether you want to become part of a network marketing company. Ask the following questions (before you invest your money) to get some information you need. If you like the answers, you may find a network marketing opportunity that’s right for you.

  • Would the integrity of the company’s leadership inspire you to follow them?

  • Is the company mission-driven or get-rich-quick motivated?

  • Does the company’s corporate philosophy fit your personal philosophy?

  • Does the company’s product sell at retail?

  • Does the company have a proven and effective training program?

  • Does the company’s product line include a reasonable number of consumables?

  • Does the company depend on glitz, glitter, and hype to sell its opportunity, or will the company and opportunity survive a factual examination of the claims made at company-sponsored opportunity meetings?

  • Would the company’s income and product claims pass muster with regulatory bodies, or do they sound too good to be true?

  • Would the opportunity give you a real chance to make a positive difference in the lives of those you sponsor into the business?

  • Does the company want to load you up with products that you must sell before you can recoup your investment?

  • Does the company tell you in understandable terms what volume of activity you must maintain in order to receive the residual income from the organization you have built?

  • Does the local Better Business Bureau have a file of unresolved claims against the company?

  • Do you expect the company or your upline to bring people into your business or do your work for you?

  • Are you totally convinced of the righteousness of your cause and of its value to those you will work with?

  • Do you understand why it’s important to become a product of the product?

  • If you succeed with this company, would you have more of the things money will buy and all the things money won’t buy?