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Provide Prompt Customer Service through Facebook Marketing

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

Before the days of social networking, phone calls, e-mails, and handwritten letters were just about your only options when it came to reaching out to your clients. Today, you can send a tweet or make a Facebook post to inform your customers of new features, benefits, or changes to your products or services.

Social media allows you to get the word out quickly, making it easier for you to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

If you optimize your Facebook marketing experience, you can provide your customers a superior customer experience — a much richer experience than you’ve ever been able to offer before. Not only can you create a social media experience in which you’re keeping your customers informed, but you can also give them an opportunity to reach out to you.

Imagine this: You sell shoes. A client orders a pair of your shoes online and receives them in the mail. When the shoes arrive, they’re the wrong pair. That client logs on to Facebook and posts this message:

I just received my much anticipated pair of red stilettos in the mail today . . . too bad the company messed up and sent me sneakers instead! I’m frustrated!

At first glance, you may think that a post like that would hurt your business. On social sites like Facebook and Twitter, however, you can turn a potentially bad post into an opportunity to gain a customer for life.

Imagine that you respond within just five minutes with this post:

Julie, we are so sorry that you received the wrong pair of shoes! We are shipping your red stilettos overnight, and make sure to look for the 50% off coupon we included in your box as well. Two pairs of shoes are always better than one!

Here’s what’s great: The opportunity for real-time problem solving is powerful. You not only just saved a sale and made Julie a happy customer, but you also showed anyone watching on Facebook that you care about your clients and will go above and beyond the call of duty to make them happy. This type of experience wasn’t possible before social media came on the scene.

In addition to proactively monitoring Facebook for customer service issues, you can use many robust tools to create a virtual service desk directly inside Facebook. Livescribe, for example, has incorporated a support desk directly into its Facebook Page. You can ask the folks at Livescribe a question, share an idea, report a problem, or even give praise directly from that Facebook Page.


Customers commonly use social media sites to post questions or complaints. If you provide a designated place for support, you’re likely to keep your customers happy and turn them into repeat buyers!

What’s even more important is that others can see these posts. Then fans and potential buyers can go to this custom app to get answers or see what others are saying about the products. It’s another great way to educate fans about your products and services. In addition, this tool can cut down service calls when it’s executed correctly, saving your company time and money.