Promoting the Right Way on Twitter - dummies

By Kyle Lacy

You already know you can reach a wide audience when you do your marketing on Twitter, but what is the most effective way to promote your business? You can find a couple of schools of thought on when and where to promote. One says that there’s no wrong way to promote, as long as you don’t overpromote. The other maintains that you should promote/post only at certain, ideal times.

Whichever school you belong to, follow these steps to promote your business:

  1. Create and publish your blog post.

    Make sure that you use your keywords appropriately — in the title, inside some hyperlinks, and throughout the text at a ratio of 1 keyword per 100 to 150 words. You don’t need to get overly mathematical: Simply avoid overusing keywords and be natural about the way you write.

  2. Copy the URL of the new post, switch over to TweetDeck, and paste your URL in the message window. Remember that TweetDeck will automatically shorten your URL.

    HootSuite will also allow you to shorten your URL using their shortening system.

  3. Type New post: followed by the headline of your blog post.

    Copy and paste the blog post title into TweetDeck. Play a bit more with the post headline to make it descriptive. You want to summarize the article in just a few words and keep the whole tweet to around 110 characters. That will make it easier for others to retweet it.

Tweet about your blog posts at these ideal times:

  • Sunday evenings: It turns out that a lot of people spend Sunday evenings on the couch, laptop on their laps or PDA in their hands, watching TV. They tweet, play on Facebook, and just cruise the Web.

  • Weekdays in the morning or after lunchtime: Another time to tweet is whenever your customers are likely to be in front of the computer. If your customers can use social media during the workday, post your tweet sometime during the day, either in the morning or right after lunch.

  • Weekdays after dinnertime: If your customers tend to be in the B2C (business-to-consumer) realm, they probably can’t use Twitter at work. So, set your blog posts to publish in the late afternoon, but tweet the new post information after dinnertime.

  • Near the middle of the week: Closer to the middle of the week, more people are using Twitter, so if you want to maximize the exposure of a tweet (or a series of tweets) that you could share on any day, save them for Wednesday.