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Monitoring Services for Assessing Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

By Kyle Lacy

To measure the success of your Twitter marketing efforts, it helps to know whether and where people are talking about your tweets, forwarding your links, or using those links elsewhere on the Web. You can follow that kind of activity in a few ways:

  • Google Alerts: Have you ever Googled your own name or your company name? Everyone with Internet access has. But you probably don’t want to do it every day. Google Alerts saves you some time by notifying you about new search results that contain the search terms you’re interested in.

    Google Alerts sends you e-mails once a day, once a week, or when new alerts occur. Those e-mails contain links to news stories, blogs, Web sites, discussion groups, and even videos that mention your search terms.


  • Tweet Scan: Tweet Scan is a micro-blog search service that does for Twitter what Google Alerts does for the rest of the Web. It can send you e-mails and lets you create an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed that contains all the results that include your keywords. These results include mentions of your company name or brand, as well as whether it appears in someone’s tweets or bio. Besides Twitter, Tweet Scan also monitors and StatusNet, two other micro-blogging sites.

    You can use the service for free directly on the Tweet Scan website, or you can pay for Tweet Scan to send you e-mail alerts.

  • HowSociable: Enter your brand or company name in the search box on the homepage, and then click the Measure Visibility button to see how many times (if at all) it appears on blogs, Facebook, and more than 30 outlets.

  • Radian6: Radian6 is a Web-based social media monitoring program that’s best suited for ad agencies and businesses that manage multiple brands and clients. The service isn’t free, but it’s very thorough and robust in terms of its reporting features.

  • Scout Labs: This is a Web-based social media monitoring program geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses (though a few large companies are in its list of clients). You can more easily use Scout Labs than you can Radian6, and Scout Labs automates a few more features, including sentiment scoring (good versus bad).

  • Cligs: Although Cligs is a URL-shortening service, it also offers social media monitoring. If someone retweets your shortened link, shares it on FriendFeed, or includes it in a blog post, you can find out about it through Cligs.