Liking Other Brands on Facebook - dummies

By Jan Zimmerman, Deborah Ng

One step you shouldn’t overlook in your Facebook marketing campaign is to like other brands, even competing brands. Many people are afraid to like competitors because they feel they’ll lose community to someone else. This fear isn’t true at all. People who like brands on Facebook like many different brands, even if some are similar.

Here are some of the benefits of liking brands on Facebook:

  • Using your brand account, you can participate in discussions happening on other Pages. Your comments may inspire others to check out your brand’s Page and like you.

  • It puts you on the other brand’s radar, which may be a good thing. They may want to use and recommend your product or service one day or collaborate on a promotion.

  • It creates brand awareness. The more people who see your logo, the better. When people see your logo on the social networks, it instills trust. They feel you’re more accessible.

  • It helps to establish your expertise. When you participate in discussions and respond to comments and inquiries in a knowledgeable manner, people see you as an authority and are inspired to follow you on the ­various social media channels.

Be sure to follow the rules of social media etiquette and avoid dropping links on another brand’s Page unless you’re invited to do so. The last thing you want is to have a reputation as a spammer. Also, if Facebook feels you’ve been spammy, you could lose your account.