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How You Post Publicly from Your Facebook Business Page

By Andrea Vahl, John Haydon, Jan Zimmerman

After you turn on the Follow button for your Facebook business Page, and people are starting to follow you, you need to remember to post publicly the kinds of things that will support your business.

Because this is a post from your Profile, add your personal take, feelings, and experience to the post. The following list offers some examples of types of Public posts:

  • Posts of public photos: If you have a new product coming out, post a picture of yourself holding it. In the description of the photo, talk about your personal experience with that product. Did it take a long time to develop? Did development involve some twist of fate? Did you have a personal “A-ha!” moment about it? What was the personal connection?

  • Links to articles: If you’re being featured in an article, post the link to the article. Then in the post, talk about what it was like to be interviewed. What did the interviewer leave out? Did you like how the interviewer worked?

  • Release of new product: You developed a new information product. Don’t be blatant about it, but don’t just post a discount code! Talk about your personal reasons for developing the product. Talk about the process of creating something new. People will click through if your post resonates with them.

The figure shows where the posting icon is located. You need to make sure that you select Public (the option with the globe icon).


You can change the icon when you’re posting on your Timeline and in the News Feed view. Just remember to check the icon before you post. You can change the icon on your mobile phone with the same process of using the drop-down menu and selecting the globe.

If you need to change the setting from Friends to Public, or vice versa, just click the drop-down arrow on the post, and choose the setting you intend to use.

Sometimes, the way you posted the last time is the default for the next time you post. This situation happens a lot when you post from a mobile device. You can make sure that the default is always Public or always Friends by going to your Privacy Settings on your computer and setting your preferred default.

If you tend to post things from your phone that need to be public, choose Public as the default.