How You Can Increase Business with a Facebook Page - dummies

How You Can Increase Business with a Facebook Page

Whether you’re a local, a national, or an international business, Facebook can help you drive the sales of your products and services. So, establishing a Facebook Page can help increase your business. You can leverage the social network in a number of ways to achieve your sales objectives:

  • Communicate special offerings and discounts, and provide an easy path to purchase with a simple link to your company Web site. Some larger retailers bring the entire shopping cart experience to Facebook. For example, launched a flower store within their Facebook Page on the Shop tab, as shown in this figure. This tab provides a secure-transaction environment for Facebook members to make a credit card purchase and send a dozen roses to a friend in the real world.


  • Target your audience with a Facebook ad campagin. In addition to creating a free Facebook Page, many marketers are also discovering the potential in Facebook as a cost-effective advertising medium. You can test and launch targeted ad campaigns that employ traditional direct marketing techniques, such as ads with engaging copy and pictures that capture a reader’s attention. The most successful offer is an incentive that appeals to your audience.

  • Create a Facebook event to generate buzz about a product. For example, you can hold a new product launch party or a wine tasting for potential new customers. And you can throw a Facebook-only event for fans, allowing them to network, as well.