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How to Write a Twitter Bio That Promotes Your Business

By Kyle Lacy

Your Twitter marketing campaign should begin with a well-thought out Twitter bio. You can use your bio to explain yourself in 160 characters, which is 20 more characters than Twitter allows in regular tweets. Your bio gives you the chance to tell the world who you are, what you do, and what you like.

The right kind of bio conveys one or two basic ideas so that people who see it understand what you do. Don’t make the mistake of trying to cram as much stuff into the bio as you can. Just give a basic idea about who you are and what you do. Or, if you’re creating an account for your business, talk about what your company is and what it does.

Here are a few examples of good bios. The first group of examples say what the person does, which is useful in the case of consultants and other people who offer their services; it helps Twitter users who read the bio to easily figure out how/if the person can help solve their problems.

  • Obsessed with social communication. Author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies and Brandswag founder/CEO.

  • Humor writer, copywriter, professional blogger, and social media guy.

  • Passionate about small business marketing, networking, and social media.

  • I run an Indian art advisory based in Delhi. I would qualify as an amateur bike restorer, natural-born traveler, and professional socks collector.

The next group of bios also provides good examples, showing what the company does. As in the case with personal Twitter accounts, providing this information helps those who read the bio to better understand how the company can assist them with their needs.

  • Remember everything using Windows, Mac, Web, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, and more . . .

  • Year-round, professional Equity dinner theater with Broadway musicals, plays, children’s shows, and concerts.

  • Start, Grow, and Track your Campaigns — Web marketing software for everyone, made by ### Co.

  • ### Tape is the original elastic therapeutic tape used by professional athletes and medical practitioners. Supports and offers instant pain relief.

The last example even lists a benefit to the user in instant pain relief. But they all say what the people or businesses do, what drives them, and on a personal level, what interests them.

If you choose to include benefits to potential customers in your Twitter bio, don’t confuse a feature with a benefit. A feature is what something does; a benefit is what the customer gets from it.

Short is better than long. Just because you have 160 characters to write your bio doesn’t mean that you need to use all of them. If you can do it in 100, leave it at that.

The wrong Twitter bio is actually a missing one. At the very least, people will think you don’t want anyone to know that much about you. At worst, they’ll think you’re a spammer who couldn’t be bothered to make a bio for a throwaway account that’ll be gone in five days. And somewhere in the middle, other Twitter users will think you’re just someone who tried Twitter for a few days before giving up.

If you’re worried about anonymity, consider the following thoughts before you worry unnecessarily:

  • You’re already on the Internet.

  • You don’t have to include personal details about yourself.

  • You can always protect your updates.