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How to Use Your Google+ Marketing Page to Build Brand Identity

By Jesse Stay

Building authority on your Google+ marketing page is, at heart, creating a reliable, trusted, widely recognized identity for yourself and your brand’s website. For people to trust you, they have to know what your brand is, that it’s real, and that it’s produced and supported by the efforts of real people. Several elements of Google+, especially when used in tandem with other social networks, are critical to establishing this identity:

  • A web profile available at a trusted location: Most social networks offer such a feature. Google+, in particular, provides a Google+ Page where you can specify such basic (but essential) brand information as its name, a company location if you have one, contact information, and a website where people can find more information. You can also include identifying photos and images to help people recognize your brand.

    Because a Google+ Page exists on Google the moment you create it, people can easily find your brand’s identity — and (just as easily) link to it, interact with it, and follow it from around the web. Your profile can be seen across all Google properties and can easily be added to third-party websites. The +1 buttons and Circle buttons are easily noticeable and recognizable to anyone who uses Google products.

  • A voice: On Google+, you get your online voice from your Google+ Page’s news feed. When people circle you, they give you an audience. You have multiple opportunities to encourage others to circle you — and to hear from you. Because you can speak directly to your customers and potential customers, you become much more identifiable to them. Having a real voice means having people to recognize your voice.

  • A home base that you own: This is critical in establishing your identity on the web. Don’t just trust Google+ or Facebook or any other social network to identify you automatically to your customers. Many of your customers will recognize your brand and your home page more than anything else, so make sure you don’t neglect those identifiers.

  • A way to identify the people who make your brand: Here’s where Google+ really proves itself as an asset to your brand’s identity. Sure, you can link an employee’s Facebook or other profile to your website, but such isolated links can’t match the boost to your brand’s value and authenticity that you get by associating a Google+ profile with your content.

    By linking people to your content and your brand through your website — and by allowing them to interact with employees through your brand’s Google+ Page — you’re firming up the identity of your brand and spreading awareness of the company and its people. The result is more authority for your brand among your fans and customers.

  • A way to link all your brand’s online assets and to demonstrate that they’re all linked: Google+ shines here. Google provides a way for you to link your website to your Google+ Page and then point your Google+ Page to your website. The two-way link leaves no doubt in the user’s mind that both the page and the site are indeed your brand’s identities on the web.

    Also, as mentioned earlier, you can link yourself, your employees, and anyone else responsible for making your brand to your website by establishing the same link to and from Google+ to your website. This connection makes your people more accessible to the customers. Result: more authenticity for your brand. And the stronger your brand’s established identity, the better your search ranking within Google search results on