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How to Use Tumblr for Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

By Shiv Singh, Stephanie Diamond

Before you jump into using Tumblr, you need to decide if it is an optimal platform for your marketing campaign. The first two things you need to consider when adding a new platform to your social media strategy are the following:

  • How it will serve your customers.

    Are your customers currently on Tumblr? Make sure to confirm this and understand how your customers are using it. IBM does a great job of using Tumblr to communicate its message, by displaying a variety of categories.

  • How it will integrate with your channel strategy.

    Your strategy must be the centerpiece of everything you do, and you need to conduct your Tumblr in a way that integrates this strategy. If a majority of your users are not yet on Tumblr in any great numbers, you might consider using it to enhance your current distribution.


It’s most important to note that your Tumblr blog should not be a carbon copy of the content you have on Facebook or Twitter. Tumblr allows you to integrate multimedia in a more effective way.

To make it easy to select items to curate from your browser, you can also place a Bookmarklet in the menu. To do this, drag it onto your browser.


Using your dashboard

What will your visitors see in your feed? They will see your favorite blogs, your own posts, and anything that has value to you. You need to be active and provide a variety of different types of content.

Tumblr provides a dashboard, which you use to navigate the structure of.


To simplify, the dashboard has been broken down into four sections: menu options; content types; posts and feeds; and followers and finds.

Menu options

This section displays your menu options.


The menu holds the following options:

  • Home

  • Messages

  • Help

  • Blog Settings

  • Log Out

You also see a search box in this section, where you and your readers can type a keyword and search for any content you’re seeking throughout your blog.

Content types

The primary focus of Tumblr is media sharing, and Tumblr’s dashboard has seven types of media that you can instantly share, as follows:

  • Text

  • Photos

  • Quotes

  • Links

  • Chats

  • Audio

  • Video


You can see from the choices that you have a wide range of options. Sharing the same kind of content on a WordPress blog isn’t as easy as it is on Tumblr. To post an audio in Tumblr, all you need to do is click the audio icon and a window pops up.


Posts and Feed

In this area of your Tumblr blog, your current post and post stream are displayed.

Your blog readers can scroll down in this section to see what’s new. Note the tag icon at the bottom left of your post stream. You click this icon to create a tag (or multiple tags) for your post — and you want to be sure to tag your posts. Tagging your posts is how people find that content in addition to using categories and hashtags (#).


One of the other nice features about posting is that you can schedule a post. Scheduling a post is useful for the times when you plan to be away and don’t want to have the flow of steady posts interrupted, or when you have several things you want to post right away but don’t want them to go all at the same time.

The options to post are the following:

  • Now

  • Add to queue

  • Schedule

  • Save a draft

  • Post privately


These options allow you to coordinate your posts with specific campaigns, people, or dates. Also, at the bottom of each post are icons for sharing the post, replying to the writer of the post, reblogging it, and “liking” it. These icons help others engage with you.

One great feature of a Tumblog is that no one can post without your consent. There is a setting called Submissions that asks you whether others can submit posts into your submission queue for approval.

Followers and Finds

This section shows you who is following you in addition to showing you all your posts. You can see the blogs of those who follow you, who you follow, and your likes. In this section, you also see recommendations for new blogs to follow.


This is where you discover new, interesting people and other blogs to interact with. In the final heading, called Radar, you see sponsored posts.

Unlocking adventures with mobile

You want to set up your mobile app for your Tumblr blog for two reasons. The first is that you need it to be able to share and to read things on the go. The second reason is that you need to understand how your viewers will see and use that app.

There is a mobile app for

  • iPhone and iPad

  • Android

  • Windows

You can download any of these versions of the Tumblr app or get them directly from your device’s app store. The app is free. When you open your home page, you see what’s currently in your feed; also, across the bottom of the page, you see four icons, as follows:

  • Search: You can put in a search term or click the trending topics, and trending blogs are displayed.

  • Pencil: Shows you the content types for your post.

  • Person: Shows you who you are following.

  • Power: Tells you what activity your followers are up to.

Observing other blog successes

Brands that typically generate buzz on Tumblr include Disney, Facebook, Apple, Nike, and Nintendo.

If you look at Disney’s Tumblr blog, you see that it posts animations, videos, and photos of its properties. It’s a natural winner.

So where else should you look to see successful blogs? Check out Tumblr’s search option, click on the search box at the top, and choose Explore Topics and Blogs.