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How to Use the Top QR Code Generators

By Joe Waters

If you type QR Code generator into your favorite search engine, you’ll get hundreds of results. If QR Codes are a niche marketing tool, as some claim, you wouldn’t know it from all the generators available. Here are a couple of the top online QR Code generators.

Kaywa QR Code generator

Kaywa’s QR Code generator is one of the easiest QR code generators to use on the web. Here’s all you need to do to use it:


  1. Select the appropriate Content Type radio button.

    You can choose from the following:

    • URL

    • Text

    • Phone Number

    • SMS

  2. Enter the content.

  3. Choose the size of the QR Code.

    • S: One square inch (perfect size for your business card!)

    • M: One and a half square inches.

    • L: Two square inches.

    • XL: Three square inches — a good size for a poster.

  4. Click Generate!

  5. Copy or save the QR Code by right-clicking on it.

    Kaywa gives you the option to use the code’s permalink or to copy-paste the HTML code.

Kaywa’s generator is a great first stop for the QR Code newbie. QR Code generator has an easy-to-use interface with more options than Kaywa offers.


  1. Select the appropriate Data Type button.

    This indicates what you want to use the QR Code for (such as a URL, e-mail, phone number, and so on). gives you some good additional options, such as QR Codes for iTunes links, PayPal purchases, or a vCard.

  2. Enter the content that’s appropriate for the data type.

    If you’re prompted to enter a URL, you can enter a URL as is or use its URL shortener.

  3. Choose a foreground color for your QR Code.

  4. Choose an output type.

    You have the following choices:

    • Download: You can download the QR Code to your computer so you can copy or save it for use.

    • Print: You have the option to use label templates to print multiple copies of your QR Code onto standard sheets of Avery round and square stickers. The Avery product code is shown below each label layout.

    • Email: Click on this option and you can email your QR Code. meets the basic criteria for QR Code generators, but the analytics come only with the paid version. For $11.95 a month, you can see the date, time, location, and device type for scans of as many QR Codes as you can create and use.