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How to Use the Facebook Insights Reach Report to Market Your Business

By John Haydon

One of the many reports that Facebook Insights offers businesses is the Reach report. Facebook defines reach as the number of people your post was displayed to. Facebook users see your Page posts in three ways:

  • Organic reach: When someone visits your Page or sees a post from your page in the News Feed, he’s reaching your Page organically.

  • Paid reach: When someone sees your updates because you paid for her to see it, you’re getting paid reach. Paid reach, of course, is generated with Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts.

  • Viral reach: When people like, comment, and share your Facebook Page updates, their friends see that activity in their News Feeds. This type of reach is called viral reach.

The Reach report within Facebook Insights shows you how many people you’ve reached with your Facebook marketing efforts.

To view the Reach report, click Insights and then click the Reach sub-tab. The Reach report shows the number of unique Facebook users who viewed your Page stories, Events related to your Page, and Ads promoting your Page or its posts.


As with the Likes report, you can adjust the date range at the top of the Reach report.

Again, reach means the number of individual people who saw your content. Four sections are available on the Reach tab:

  • Post Reach: This section shows you how many people saw your Page updates in News Feed, on your Page, or in a Facebook Ad. The graph shows two types of reach:

    • Organic: Shows the number of unique Facebook users who saw content related to your Page in News Feeds, in the ticker, or on your Facebook Page.

    • Paid: Shows the number of unique Facebook users who saw a Facebook Ad or Boosted Post for a Page Post.

    You can also view how your current reach compares with your reach during the previous period, which is extremely valuable, because it serves as an important alert to optimize or adjust your marketing strategy.


  • Likes, Comments, and Shares: This section shows you the rate of comments, likes, and shares over the selected period. As in the Post Reach section, you can compare your current performance with performance in the previous period.

    Benchmarking comments and shares can help you discover ways to create more viral reach through comments and shares.


  • Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes: All Facebook users can give Facebook feedback about the content they see in their News Feeds. This section shows you the rate of people hiding, reporting, marketing as spam, and unliking your Page.

    You can also benchmark (compare the current period with the previous period) Hides, Report as Spam, and Unlikes for your Page content.

  • Total Reach: This section is similar to the Post Reach section, in that it compares paid and organic reach. But Total Reach includes any activity on your Page, including posts, posts by other people, mentions, check-ins, and any posts you promote with Facebook Ads.