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How to Use the Facebook Insights Likes Report for Smarter Fan Acquisition

By John Haydon

The Likes report shows your fan growth, as well as the locations from which Facebook users have Liked your Page (that is, from the News Feed, Like Box, or another source).

To view the Likes report, click Insights on the navigation bar and then click the Likes sub-tab.


At the top of the Likes report, you can select the date range for the report. Select a custom range to analyze, or choose one of three predefined segments of time: one week, one month, or one quarter. (The Visits tab and the Reach tab also include this feature for customizing the date range.)

Make sure that you select a period of time before and after any changes you’ve made in your strategy. This way, you can see whether the strategy is working. If your campaign starts on July 1, for example, make sure that you include data from June in this report so you can compare your fan-acquisition strategy in July with your fan-acquisition strategy in June.

The following list gives you a deeper look at the various sections of the Likes report:

  • Total Page Likes As of Today: Immediately below the date-selection tool is the Total Page Likes As of Today section, which shows you the running total of accumulated likes over the periods you selected.

    To the right, you can compare your average growth this period with your average growth in the previous period. You can see this benchmark data simply by clicking the Total Page Likes link below Benchmark.


  • Net Likes: What Changed: In addition to seeing fan growth, Facebook shows you how many people have unliked your Page, how many people have liked your Page from an ad, and the resulting net Likes.

    You can also benchmark Unlikes, Organic Likes (acquired without ads), and Paid Likes (acquired with ads).


    Often, you can discover your best fan-acquisition strategies by paying attention to the peaks in this graph for organic and paid Likes. These spikes indicate successful strategies and tactics you’ve already employed to acquire Facebook fans. Repeat these strategies as long as they continue to work.

  • Where Your Page Likes Came From: The last section of the Likes report, Where Your Page Likes Came From, shows you the sources of your new fans. This graph shows you the sources of the fans you acquired in the selected date range.