How to Use the Admin Panel Toolbar on Your Facebook Business Page - dummies

How to Use the Admin Panel Toolbar on Your Facebook Business Page

By Jamie Crager, Scott Ayres, Melanie Nelson, Daniel Herndon, Jesse Stay

On your Facebook Business page, you see a toolbar at the top of the Admin panel with five options: Edit Page, Build Audience, See Insights, Help, and Show (or Hide). Click each one to manage different aspects of your business page.

Edit Page option

When you click Edit Page, a drop-down list appears with options for the following:

  • Update Page Info: Click this option to edit information about your page and business.

  • Edit Settings: Change who sees your page and who can post on it.

  • Manage Admin Roles: Edit who manages your page and how.

  • Use Activity Log: Click this option to go to your Activity Log page, where you can see a list of all the activity on your business page. The activity log for your business page functions similarly to the activity log for your personal timeline.

    You can control how content appears on your business page by choosing to allow, highlight, hide, or delete content. You can also report or mark content as spam, and change the date of the post. To control content, click the pencil icon next the update you want to manage and make a selection from the drop-down list.

    You can manage content from the past as well. On the right side of the Activity Log page, click the year and month for which you want to see posts. You can filter your activity log also by choosing one of the options in the left sidebar, such as Photos, Videos, or Comments.


  • See Banned Users: Click this option to see a list of the followers you’ve banned. You can click the Unban button to reinstate a follower’s privileges. You can click the Banned button in the top left of the dialog box to see a list of people who Like your page, other pages that have Liked your page, and subscribers and people who have administrative rights for your business page.

  • Use Facebook as[your business page name]: You can use Facebook as yourself (your personal timeline) or as your business page.

Build Audience option

When you click Build Audience on the toolbar, a drop-down list appears with the following options:

  • Invite Email Contacts: You can invite contacts to your page from e-mail lists you’ve collected. You can upload a contact list file saved to your computer, or load an e-mail list from Constant Contact, MailChimp, and VerticalResponse. Clicking Invite Contacts for each of these will give you a list of instructions on how to import your contact list.

    If you choose Skype or iCloud, you’ll need to provide your user login and password. You can import contacts from Outlook by providing your e-mail address. You’ll also see Email Service, where you must log in with your e-mail address and password to import and invite those contacts.

  • Invite Friends: Invite specific people to Like your page. When you click Invite Friends, the Invite Your Friends to Like [your page name] dialog box appears. Use the drop-down list in the top-left corner to target people to invite. You can also type a name in the text box. Click Close when you’re done.

  • Share Page: Share your business page on your personal timeline, a friend’s timeline, in a group, on another page you admin, or through a private message. Type a quick status update introducing your business page or explaining why you’re sharing the page. (A call to action, such as Like our page so you never miss another sale!, works well here.) Then click the Share Page button.

  • Promote Page: Create a Facebook ad to introduce your business page to more followers.

See Insights option

Clicking the See Insights option opens Facebook Insights for your page. Insights is a collection of data that shows you the performance of your page and posts on your page. You also see detailed demographics regarding those who are following your page. Anyone running a business page should become familiar with Insights.

Help option

When you click Help on the toolbar, a drop-down list appears with the following options:

  • Visit Help Center: Go to the Facebook Help files.

  • Facebook Help Community: See user-generated questions and answers on various topics. The questions and answers are from users of Facebook, so the information might not be accurate.

  • Getting Started: View a page that provides details on filling out your page, building an audience, and posting engaging content. This option is a great reference when you’re just starting out.

  • Send Feedback: Tell Facebook your thoughts about business pages. When you click the Send Feedback link, the Your Feedback about Pages page appears. Answer the questions and type your feedback as required. You can also attach a screenshot to further explain your feedback or issue. Click the Send button when you’re done.

Show (or Hide) option

Click the Hide button to hide your Admin panel. Your cover photo appears at the top of the page. Remember that only admins can see the Admin panel, so you don’t have to hide it unless you just like a less cluttered look.