How to Use the Admin Panel on Your Business Page - dummies

How to Use the Admin Panel on Your Business Page

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

The admin panel for your business page has five sections, and you can expand each section by clicking the See All link to the right of its name. Also, you can Show or Hide the Admin panel itself by clicking the Show/Hide button in the top-right corner of the Page.



The Notifications section sits in the top-left corner of the Admin panel. This section contains a chronological list of actions on your Page: likes, comments, posts to your Timeline, and so on. You can see at a glance the last five or six actions.

You also see a red number if there are any notification actions that you haven’t viewed yet, and you can click the See All link to open a list of all notifications. When you click any notification, the activity opens. If you click a notification about someone liking an image, for example, when you click the notification, you go right to that image and can view all the comments.


The Messages section, to the right of the Notifications section, is an inbox containing messages that people have left for your Page to answer. You can turn on the Message feature or turn it off. You need to make sure that you’re aware of this section and either get e-mail notifications when someone leaves a message or check this section often so you can answer messages in a timely manner.

To turn the Message feature on or off, click the Edit Page button at the top of your Page, and on the Manage Permission tab look for the check box for Messages.

When you click the See All link next to Messages, you see a chronological list of all the messages. Click the X to the right of a message to archive it. You can use the search box to find any unread messages.

Messages are private to the Admins of a Page. Posts left on your Page’s Timeline are public. These are two different types of notifications you need to address as an Admin of your Page.


New Likes

The New Likes section, below the Notifications section, lists a few of the newest people who have liked your Page. If you’re viewing your Page as yourself as Admin, you can hover over the names in this section and Request to be a personal Facebook Friend, Subscribe to their Public updates, or send a Message.

If you are viewing your Page as your Page, you won’t see those links to connect when you hover over their names.

When you click the See All link, a new interface opens, showing all the people who have liked your Page. Choose Pages that like this from the drop-down menu to see the list of Pages who have liked your Page.

If you’re viewing your Page as your Page, you can click those Page names to go to their Page and like the Page as your Page. If you are viewing your Page as yourself as an Admin, when you click the Page names and go to their Page, clicking the Like button is a personal like.


Check your new likes on a regular basis, and welcome new people to your Page by posting their first names or by tagging their business Pages. Sort the new likes by Page; then like those Pages as your Page and leave comments.


The next section inside your Admin panel is Insights, which is Facebook’s analytics section. It contains a wealth of information that you can use to better understand who your audience is and what it likes.

This section has a little graph that shows at a glance how your Page is doing in terms of number of Your Posts, number of people Talking About This, and Reach. Hover over the lines and dots to see more information.

When you click the See All link, you go to the full Insights interface, which is a very rich environment with five tabs, graphs, and data galore. If you’re viewing Insights on a new Page, you won’t have enough data to see any graphs yet. Make sure that you come back and view this section after you’ve collected Page likes and conversations.

Page Tips

Currently, the last section of the Admin panel is a space where Facebook can post things it wants you to see. On one day, for example, Facebook offered Phyllis a promotion for business cards from; when she clicked the Next link, she saw a quick link that allowed her to create an ad for the Page. This space can be used for all sorts of announcements and promotional offers.