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How to Use Reputation Management Services on Twitter

By Kyle Lacy

Managing your reputation on Twitter is crucial, if you are using Twitter to market your product, business or brand. Lucky for you, you can monitor your reputation through the free or paid automated services listed here.

If you’re looking for a free service, check out one of the following reputation management services:

  • Tweet Scan: This service e-mails you whenever people use your keywords, company name, or brand in their tweets or even their bios. It scans Twitter,, StatusNet, and several other micro-blogging sites. You can view the results of your search directly on Tweet Scan or choose to receive notifications by e-mail or RSS feed.


  • Twitalyzer: This Web app evaluates your activity and gives you a score in terms of your influence and clout on Twitter, the quality of your tweets, how much you retweet other people’s tweets, and even the rate at which you tweet. You can also have access to trends and reports by connecting Twitalyzer with your Twitter account.

    A particularly useful feature (found in the paid versions) is the click numbers from links, which tells you how many people clicked a particular URL in a tweet. (Note that you need to use the] URL shortener for this feature to work.)

  • Google Alerts: Go to the Google Alerts site; enter your company name, brand, or other industry keywords in the Search Terms text box; and save it as an Everything alert type. You then receive daily notifications of all news articles, Web sites, blogs, videos, and groups that mention your keywords.

  • HowSociable: Enter your brand or company name in the text box and click the Measure Visibility button to see how many times (if at all) it appears as a search result on Google, in a blog, or on Flickr, Facebook, or MySpace.

Although you can find very good free reputation management services, they sometimes can’t handle the more in-depth reporting that a corporation or an agency that deals with multiple accounts needs. You can use these services to see who’s asking and answering questions about your products, who’s complaining, and who’s praising you. Then help the complainers, answer the questioners, and give a little love to the people who are praising you.

Some of the best reputation management services that you can buy include the following:

  • Radian6: A Flash-based social media-monitoring program geared toward ad agencies and businesses that manage multiple brands and clients. Radian6 is a better choice for larger companies and brands because it’s a very time-consuming and complicated program that may need one or two people to look after it full time. You can get reports on the effectiveness of your efforts.

  • Vocus: This Web-based PR suite lets you manage and monitor communications with journalists, government officials, and other key audiences like thought leaders and industry big shots.