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How to Use QR Codes for Your Career

By Joe Waters

QR Codes are a great way to help you find a job or further your career. If you’re on the other side of the desk and looking to hire someone, QR Codes may even help you find your next employee!

Don’t just slap a QR Code on anything to look smart and cool. You have to know what it does and be able to explain its use and value to someone else. Remember, using QR Codes is about making things better, not worse. Your career is serious business.

If you’re confident in your intentions and knowledge of QR Codes, here are a few ways to make it a regular part of your professional life.

  • Include one on your resume. Just make sure it doesn’t link to an online version of your resume (a major QR Code fail!). Use the QR Code to link to your page, your recommendations on LinkedIn, or a YouTube video of you speaking at an industry event.

  • Schedule a meeting. Put QR Codes on your resume and business card that link potential employers to your Tungle online calendar, where they can easily check your availability to meet and book a date and time.

  • Be different. In the employment section of your local newspaper, place an ad with just a QR Code that links to a page with details on your work interests and background. This idea is especially good if you’re looking for work in new media or technology. Employers in these fields will recognize the QR Code and the opportunity it holds.

  • Use them on job postings. Interested candidates can scan the QR Code for details and even save it for viewing later. Here’s another way to use the code: Record the hiring manager talking about the position and the type of candidate she’s looking for, and link the code to the video.

  • Reduce disruptions. Are people constantly asking you for the same things all the time? Hang QR Codes on your door with answers to frequently asked questions so you can get some work done!

  • Fix things. Don’t you hate when something breaks in the office (maybe a printer, copier, or fax machine) and you can never find instructions on how to fix it? Encode them on a QR Code that can be affixed right to front of the equipment.

  • Take ownership of a project. Let your boss know you worked on something by stamping your own personal QR Code on key papers and projects. Get the credit you deserve and earn it in a savvy way.

  • Submit a video resume. A video resume is when you use a face and a voice to share your background and work experience. This strategy isn’t for everyone, but it certainly can get you noticed. Remember when using video that people have short attention spans and don’t want to watch you feed your cat for twenty minutes. Keep your video brief and focused on the task at hand.


  • Be cool. Looking to hire young people to work in your store or restaurant? Include QR Codes in your job postings at career fairs and college campuses. Let candidates know you are as hip as they are.

Your personal information belongs to you. If you’re concerned about sharing private information with a QR Code, some generators allow password protection so you can control who sees it.