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How to Use QR Codes for Mobile Giving

By Joe Waters

The day will come when you’ll be able to press a button on your mobile device to donate to a cause. Until then, QR Codes may be the best option for mobile giving, especially for cause marketing partnerships between a business and nonprofit.

Leading the charge in this area is Tulsa, Oklahoma–based CharityCall and a service called is probably the best option out there right now for mobile giving. Here’s how works.

  1. Shoppers scan a QR Code that takes them to a custom giving page.

    The QR Code can appear anywhere: on a register sign or product, in a sales flier, and so on. Check out this QR Code appeal from Cinnabon bakeries.


    The first page highlights the details of the program, in Cinnabon’s case a fundraiser for antihunger organization Share Our Strength. Users can also easily share the campaign with friends on Twitter and Facebook.


  2. Tap Give Now to visit the donation page.

    If you’re uneasy about making a donation on your phone, you can make a pledge by entering an amount and e-mail address so you can receive a link to donate via PayPal, credit card, or debit card.


    One of the advantages of mobile giving over text giving is that you can donate any amount you want. Text gifts are usually limited to either five or ten dollars.

    After you enter a gift amount and tap Give Now, you’re asked to sign in to your PayPal account, and make a gift. Of course, the process isn’t as easy if you don’t have a PayPal account.

    image3.jpg isn’t free. There’s a small set-up fee, and donations are subject to a five percent management fee. You have to decide if you can live with that expense.

Here’s the million dollar question: Does this new mobile platform work? It can. Check out the nearby sidebar for more nitty gritty about Cinnabon’s fundraiser. will have plenty of competition as other mobile giving platforms are rolled out. Mobile is the future, and perhaps the future of giving. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments.