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How to Use Google Webmaster Tools to Optimize Your Company’s Posts

By Jesse Stay

You can actually use Google’s tools for webmasters, Webmaster Tools, to see how the posts you make on your company website — as well as those you create on Google+ — are doing in search results. You can get a handle on how your content is gaining authority on Google search and elsewhere by checking these two locations:

  • +1 Reports: This feature provides a way for you to find out — on your website — what pages are getting new +1s and how your site is ranking as a result of those +1s. The reports that Webmaster Tools provides show you how many people are clicking through on search results as a result of the +1s you’ve garnered in your posts and how successful your +1 campaigns are.

    It also shows you how many +1s from your site and others, per article, have accrued over an interval you can specify. This information is vital when you’re trying to determine how successful your +1 campaigns are in relation to search.

  • Author Stats: Currently, this feature is accessible under Labs. You can use a special tool called Author Stats to gauge how your own personal posts are doing in Google search. This tool is for you, the author — and shows only the content you’ve personally posted on Google+ or websites linked to Google+. From this tool, you can view

    • How many times your content has been shown in search results

    • How many people have clicked through to the original post as a result of those impressions in Google search.

    • Average position in search results for each post you make

    Using this tool, you (as an author) can personally track your content, no matter where it is on the Internet — and test how different types of content can produce different rankings in search results.