How to Use Google+ for Google Apps to Communicate Inside Your Company

By Jesse Stay

Google+ for Google Apps presents some unique opportunities for your business to integrate Google+ into your own company’s network. Perhaps the most notable feature of Google+ for Google Apps is that you can target messages to just your domain — only those in your Google Apps domain can see your message. This is useful for when you want to have communication inside your own company that uses a common platform.

For a close look at how Google+ for Google Apps works, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google+ and log in with your Google Apps e-mail and password.

    If you’re logged in to your traditional Google account, log out or switch accounts.

    You end up on a news feed just like the one for your traditional Google account (you may need to configure this feed if it’s new). You should see updates from other employees under your domain by default, but you can also find people outside your network and circle them; then you’ll start seeing them here as well.

  2. Make your first post.

    To do so, click the post box just as you would for a normal Google+ post. Enter the text for your post, and (as you would for a normal Google+ account) select a circle or two in which you want your post published.

    The difference here is that now you’ll see your company domain in the drop-down list of circles.

    • Select this domain, and only those other people using your Google Apps domain can see your updates.

    • Add other circles, and others can see your update.

  3. Click Share to publish your post to your intended audience.