How to Use Facebook’s App Center in Your Marketing Strategy - dummies

How to Use Facebook’s App Center in Your Marketing Strategy

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Facebook has developed a space called App Center and can be used in your marketing campaign. It appears in the left sidebar when you’re looking at the main News Feed page. When you click App Center, you see an interface with three tabs:

  • All: Obviously, this tab is where you can see all the apps.

  • Web: This tab lists apps that you can connect to your personal Profile that will work and be functional if they’re interfacing with a computer.

  • Mobile: Go here to find apps that work with the mobile Facebook app.

Then you see several filters: Games, Entertainment, Facebook, Lifestyle, Music, News, Photos & Videos, Sports, Travel & Local, and Utilities. You also see the Requests link. If a number appears next to it, someone has requested that you use the app with him or her. (Birthday calendar, anyone?)

The apps that are in App Center generally are ones that are connected to your personal Profile. If you have your Subscription button turned on, and one of these apps supports your business, you can enjoy it through App Center. If you’re interested mostly in apps that function on your business Page, App Center isn’t the place to look.

As a new Page owner, you already have a few ready-to-go apps in play. You find them by following these steps:

  1. On your Page, click the Edit Page button on the Admin panel.

  2. Click Update Info.

    Your Page dashboard appears.

  3. Click Apps on the sidebar of your dashboard.

    The screen shows you all the apps that are currently available to be installed on your Page.


Click the Apps link to see which apps are ready to be installed on your new Page. A new Brand or Products Page with Product/Services as its main category, for example, has these apps available:

  • Events

  • Photos

  • Notes

  • Video

Each app has one, two, or sometimes three links below it: Go to App, Edit Settings, and Link to This Tab:

  • Link to This Tab: If you click the Link to This Tab link, a dialog box opens, displaying the direct URL to that particular place on your Page. For example, if you want to provide visitors a direct URL to your Static HTML tab, you can look for the Static HTML application, click the Link to This Tab link, and then copy and paste the URL in a message.


  • Edit Settings: If you click the Edit Settings link, a dialog box appears, offering you the option of adding the app to or removing the app from the application group shown below your Cover photo. Facebook-built apps do not give you the ability to change the text of the link, but custom apps do.


  • Go to App: If you click the Go to App link, you go directly to the editing page for that app or to a page where you can set options for the app. If you click the Go to App link for the Photo app, for example, you go directly to a page where you can set options for allowing fans to add their photos to your Page.

    If you click the Go to App link for the Events app, you go directly to the page where you can start creating an Event.


You should go through all the apps already listed on your Page’s Apps dashboard and decide whether you want to have them as app boxes on your Page. Pages come with the Photos app box on the Page Timeline. Once you have someone (or yourself) click the Like button for the Page, you will have another app box called Likes.

If you want any more of the apps that are available for your Page, you have to add them by clicking the Edit Settings link below each app you want to include and then clicking Add. Or, in Timeline view, click the plus icon (+) on one of the empty app boxes, and select the app you want.