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How to Use Facebook Search to Find Your Marketing Audience

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

A great tool you can use to locate your ideal audience on Facebook is Facebook Search. This tool allows you to enter keywords in a search field, and the people, groups, and Pages that are using your keyword(s) will show up in a list. Facebook Search is an ideal tool for anyone looking to connect with people who share interests or views.

When you do a search using Facebook Search, you can find information that users add to their About section and post in their status updates, as well as information about the groups and Pages users interact with. This tool is a very powerful one, to say the least.

Here’s how to use Facebook Search:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, and locate the search query field at the top of the page.

  2. Enter the keyword or phrase you want to search for; then click Search.

    In the search field, enter the keyword or phrase you want to search for inside Facebook. A drop-down list shows suggested people and Pages.

  3. Scroll down, and click See More Results For.

    In the left column, the default filter for Search is All Results. Make sure that it’s highlighted.


    The results for your keyword or keyword phrase will populate in different sections on Facebook. You can explore the following sections by clicking the links in the left column:

    • People

    • Pages

    • Places

    • Groups

    • Apps

    • Events

    • Music

    • Web Results

    • Posts by Friends

    • Public Posts

    • Posts in Groups

    For the purpose of finding your audience on Facebook, you should spend your time researching the People, Pages, Places, Groups, and Events links.

    After you click a specific category, the search results for that keyword show up in one stream.