How to Use Facebook Ads Platform to Find Your Target Market on Facebook - dummies

How to Use Facebook Ads Platform to Find Your Target Market on Facebook

By Amy Porterfield, Phyllis Khare, Andrea Vahl

Even if you don’t plan to use Facebook Ads as part of your overall Facebook marketing plan, you can still benefit from the Facebook Ads platform to find out to what degree your target audience is on Facebook.

Here’s how you can access this valuable information:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account, and click the drop-down menu next to the word Home in the top-right corner of your page.

  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Create an Ad.

  3. When you’re inside the Ads dashboard, choose your Page as the Facebook destination.

    The What Do You Want to Promote? option appears. You have two choices: your Page itself or a specific post from your Page.

  4. Choose your Page name.

    The People Will See option appears.

  5. Choose A New Ad About [Your Page Name].

    The option to create an ad appears. You can ignore this option and instead scroll down to the next section, called Choose Your Audience, where you can dive in to learn more about your ideal audience inside Facebook (without paying a dime!).

  6. In the Location section, below Choose Your Audience, type a country name.

    You can get more specific by choosing states, provinces, cities, and zip codes. You can enter multiple states, cities, and zip codes in the same location field; however, if you enter two or more countries in the country field, you will lose the option to list states, cities, and zip codes. You want to drill-down as much as possible to get a good representation of your ideal client on Facebook.

To better understand the physical location of your fans, take a look at the demographics data in your Insights dashboard (the area where you will find metrics details for your Facebook Page).

  1. (Optional) Indicate a specific age or an age range, or specify gender.

  2. In the Precise Interests section, enter a keyword that describes your audience.

    (For this exercise, ignore Broad Categories.)

    After you type in a keyword, a drop-down menu appears. From that drop-down menu, you can choose the keywords that Facebook identifies as best choices based on your initial keyword. After you choose the keyword, press Return or Enter, and then you can be even more specific by selecting subcategories of your keyword.


    Suppose that you choose cycling as your keyword because you know that your target audience consists of avid cyclists who will likely mention cycling in their personal Profiles. After you choose this keyword, you get to see options to drill-down even more. You can click any of the boxes that also relate to your target audience and thereby drill-down on your target audience even more.


    After you enter the appropriate information for location, demographics, and interests, a number on the right side of the screen shows you how many people on Facebook match your ideal target audience criteria. If you have that nugget of information, you know whether your target audience is on Facebook.