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How to Use Best Practices in Your Business’s Facebook Page Design

Facebook Pages, also known as Fan Pages, give your business a presence on Facebook to promote your organization. When you create a Facebook Page for your business, give some thought to basic design principles. Although you can always find exceptions to the rules, here are some best practices in Facebook Page design:

  • Keep it clean. Too many elements on the Page can detract attention from the brand. Although some apps are productive and useful, try to keep the number to a minimum.

  • Keep it fresh. By continuously updating your Page, you give your fans a reason to come back often, which generates social stories that attract more fans.

  • Keep on topic. Your Facebook Page should focus on your business. Although you should add Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds and other dynamic content, you need to keep it relevant to the business and your fans. As much as you may love Elvis, he doesn’t belong on your second-hand jewelry page.

  • Keep your fans in mind. Design your Page with your customers in mind. Every element should be of value to them; otherwise, it doesn’t belong on your Page.

  • Position your company as an authority. Your Facebook Page signposts your business to the world. It gives you a chance to show what you know and let your expertise shine.

  • Inject some personality into your Page. Even though a Facebook Page is for business, it should reflect your personality. Find and maintain your company voice throughout your communications. Have fun with it, but convey a professional, quality organization.

  • Value feedback. Facebook, unlike radio and TV, is a two-way medium. Don’t overlook or ignore the value of feedback received via your Facebook channel. Encourage feedback through discussion boards, polls, surveys, promotions, user-generated comments, and general fan interaction. Feedback is very valuable because so few people actually take the time to give it.

  • Foster a give-and-take relationship. Your fans want to engage with your Page, but it’s a two-way street — you must give in order to receive. Make special content available exclusively through Facebook or offer prizes in exchange for feedback — just two ways to show fans that you value their input.

  • Generating social stories is key to viral success. Facebook uses a snazzy sophisticated algorithm to publish social stories that are relevant to like-minded users. You, or your Page administrators (admins), should always think of what social interactions you can perform — or can encourage your fans to perform — to fuel the Wall items.

  • Follow general guidelines and limitations. The Page layout is generally very flexible, but you must follow brand guidelines on Facebook. Any links away from Facebook must open a new window. Facebook doesn’t allow pop-ups or pop-unders.