How to Upload Your Photo to Twitter - dummies

By Kyle Lacy

To market your product, business, or brand on Twitter, you need to choose an image to represent it. Few things are a bigger turnoff on Twitter than profile pages that haven’t picked an original avatar to substitute for Twitter’s default avatar.

The Twitter default avatar apparently is based on a bird egg.
The Twitter default avatar apparently is based on a bird egg.

To change your Twitter picture, follow these steps:

  1. Click your Twitter user name in the top right of the page and click the settings sub-link.

    This takes you to your Twitter Account page.

  2. Click the Profile tab.

    The Profile tab lets you upload your own Twitter profile picture.

  3. Click the Choose File button.

    A dialog box appears that lets you browse for an image on your computer. You’re limited to JPG, GIF, and PNG image files that do not exceed 700kb in size. It’s a good idea to select a square image, but you don’t have to upload a small thumbnail: Twitter takes care of sizing the image for you.

  4. Select the image you want and then click the Open (or OK) button.

    If you want to get catchy and flashy, you could try to add your logo to your picture. Use a picture of yourself and add your logo to the left or right side of your profile picture.

  5. Click the Save button.

    After a few moments, Twitter displays your new avatar on your profile page. It may take a few seconds to display your Twitter profile picture. Be patient and your beautiful face (or logo) will be displayed in due time.

Your profile picture is meant to help others identify you easily and tell a bit more about you to those who may not know you. A logo for your business or product may be a good choice for your picture, but if your company has a spokesperson or image of an individual that people can relate to, use a photo of this person. Think how you can make the photo as interesting as possible. For example, crop a portion of the photo or show an unusual angle to get people’s attention.

Whatever image you choose, make sure you have permission to use it to avoid getting in trouble. Copyright issues and pretending you’re someone you’re not are two bad mistakes for a business using Twitter. By breaking the Twitter law, your account could be deleted or suspended. Remember your followers! You don’t want to be deleted or suspended.