How to Upload Visual Social Marketing Videos to YouTube - dummies

How to Upload Visual Social Marketing Videos to YouTube

By Krista Neher

YouTube offers four different ways to add your visual social marketing videos to a channel. To access the YouTube video upload page, click the Upload button that appears in the middle of the screen on YouTube. ( You must be logged in to access the Upload page.)


You can upload a video to YouTube by clicking the Upload button in the top navigation menu. If you have already created a video and you’re ready to upload it and share it, this option lets you easily do so.

YouTube also has a variety of ways create videos directly (and easily) in YouTube. These options, as described in the following list, are worth exploring if you haven’t yet created a video — look for them on the right side of the screen:

  • Webcam Capture: YouTube makes it extremely easy for you to record from your webcam and instantly upload to YouTube. This is the easiest and fastest way to create a YouTube video. To access the webcam capture, you must be using a computer that has a webcam. Using this option, you can record via your webcam, and the video is simultaneously recorded on YouTube.

    After recording the video, click the Upload button, to automatically upload it to YouTube, ready for you to customize and share.

  • Photo Slideshow: This option makes it easy to create a video made up of photos or images. To create a photo slideshow, you must first upload your photos to your Google+ account. (And the Google+ account e-mail address must match the one for your YouTube e-mail account.)

    After selecting your photos from your Google+ account, you can customize the slide duration, effect, and transition as well as upload music (or add music from the YouTube library) to accompany the slideshow. This makes it extremely quick and easy to turn pictures into a video.

  • Google+ Hangouts On Air: Google+, a social network launched by Google, allows users to host live video chats called Hangouts. A hangout can involve one or more Google+ users. Google+ On Air Hangouts allow you to broadcast a hangout by way of Google+ while simultaneously recording the hangout as a YouTube video.

    Unless you want to share your video recording on Google+, this option has the same effect as capturing video from your webcam.

  • Video Editor: YouTube now includes basic video editing functionality so that you can edit your video directly in YouTube. The YouTube video editor has these four tabs:

    • Quick Fixes: Includes contrast, brightness, speed, rotation, pan and zoom, and stabilization

    • Filters: Lets you change the look of the video

    • Text: Lets you insert text over the video

    • Audio: Lets you change the volume level of the video

      On this screen, you can also choose Cut The Video (in the large, gray box at the bottom of the screen). This option lets you cut the video and delete segments. After you cut your video, you can add other elements to it, such as video clips, images, music, transitions. and header text.

The video editor that’s built into YouTube has a lot of the basic functionality that most video editors need. If you’re creating your own videos and don’t yet have any video editing software on your computer, give it a try to see whether it can meet your needs.